Top 5 things to look for when booking your Engagement and Wedding Photographer



  • STYLE: Scour their website, pay close attention to their editing style, do they capture enough candid and traditional photos? Do you like their work? Do their photos have a nice background blur? Can you tell what the subject of their photo is? Do they capture the small details?

  • PERSONALITY: At the very least you want a phone call/zoom meeting, even better, an in person meeting with your photographer. You want to feel comfortable enough to request your desires on the day of. You want to feel heard. You want your photographer listening to your wants and needs and taking notes. There will be much time spent with your photographer on the day of your wedding so you want to feel at ease and trust that they will respect your time and your experience on your special day.

  • REVIEWS: Reviews say a ton about your photographer. Not only their work, but their personality as well. Take time to read their reviews on google, Facebook, and any other source you can find in addition to their website.

  • PROFESSIONALISM: Do they have a wedding contract? Are they a licensed business? Do they require sales tax?  

  • DETAILS OF THE DEAL: what’s included, what's not included, print release, contract, back-up plan in case of an emergency, how will you receive your images, how will you pay?

The Pink Sea Photography Experience 

Thank you for checking us out! At Pink Sea Photography, you are the priority. Your wedding day should revolve around YOU. We want you to feel at ease. We will help you relax and look and feel natural in your positioning. We want you to enjoy every moment of your special day. We will be sure to capture the important candid moments and the traditional images you desire, but we will not turn your wedding day into a photo shoot! Please pretend we aren’t there majority of the time. Please grab our attention when you see fit. Please don’t be afraid to communicate your needs and desires; YOU are what we care about most and we want to hear anything it is that you have to say. Every bride and groom are unique and have different desires. In order to discover more about you we have a survey to better understand what kind of photography you desire. We can easily adjust our shooting style and even our editing process to produce the photography that you prefer, this is why we want to learn everything we can about you! Our survey can even help you to understand what style it is that you are wanting for your engagement and wedding.

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Every package includes a contract, survey to learn about you and your style, and print release for your images.