It’s Sunday morning, the day after Halloween in Cape Coral Florida, the sun has not risen yet, but your local Photographer is up and getting ready for a day of Cape Coral, Florida photo shoots! 

I start my morning scrolling through the newsfeed, ‘liking’ and reminiscing all the fun Halloween photos and memories from the night before, drinking my coffee and praying it kicks in FAST! The first shoot of the day is a sunrise photo shoot at the Cape Coral Yacht Club Beach, here in Cape Coral, FL. We found this lovely Southwest Florida family via a Facebook message to Pink Sea Photography. 

I arrive at the beach while it’s still dark and start building a sand castle, this one is the shape of a Christmas Tree. There’s a maintenance guy that remembers me from the last sunrise shoot and has all kinds of suggestions for my Christmas Tree sand castle. 

It's a perfect morning for photography, beautiful Florida weather, and an amazing sunrise on the horizon. I even get a few minutes to relax on the beach before my first family arrives. This family consists of mom, dad and two kids, aged 4 and 9 years old. The 9 year old boy isn’t too excited about getting up early for a photoshoot, but I know how to make him happy! We start out with some candid photography poses walking down the beach, with the sun behind our family, capturing a very pretty family silhouette.

We only have 20 minutes together so pretty quickly we move onto the next pose. I capture each kid individually and together. We are sure to have some fun mixed into the photoshoot where we have mom and dad standing in the background and the kids racing towards their photographer! Our 9 year old is definitely having a good time! We always photograph lots of different family combinations, sitting, standing, mom and daughter, father and son…. and NOW onto the purpose of this shoot - Christmas props! 

We use an adorable banner, featuring the greeting ‘Merry & Bright’, sending wishes from the Florida Beaches to your loved ones. Then we put on our Christmas hats, the 9 year old boy decides to put on the Santa beard and we take a few more photos sitting on a Christmas appropriate blanket. Next, we move onto the highlight of our shoot, and have some fun decorating the Christmas Tree sand castle, everyone is all smiles, and it’s easy and fun to capture the authentic happiness this family shares. Once I know we’ve got ‘the shot’, I warn mom and dad to stand back and now the kids now get the pleasure of knocking down the sand castle. It’s fun and makes for some awesome candid photographs! 

We say our goodbyes, your Cape Coral Photographer cleans up the mess and heads home to a house full of candy and kids on a sugar high. Only to get ready for the next shoot taking place at sunset! What a way to start and end the day! We hope you enjoyed and got an understanding of how much fun it is to work with Pink Sea Photography. 

We can’t wait to meet you and your family, be sure and head over to and book your Southwest Florida photography session! We are available to travel to Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Naples, Sanibel, Captiva, Sarasota, Venice and beyond!