Dressing Right for Your Southwest Florida beach Session

Hello! Thank you for choosing Pink Sea Photography to capture your unforgettable moments! Whether you're a local or here on vacation we're all about making your photoshoot a blast, and here's a little secret – what you wear will make a huge impact. In this blog post, we'll help you pick the perfect outfits that not only match our Florida beachy vibe but also make your photos pop! We love a cohesive and visually stunning image and you'd be surprised how crucial your color selections are in the photography process!

Rock Those Sunset Colors:

At Pink Sea Photography, we're all about happy sunshine vacation vibes and those magical SWFL Florida sunsets. So, when you're thinking about what to wear, think about the colors you'd see when the sun's going down – think muted pinks and cool blues. Pastels and soft colors go great at the beach. If you aren't feeling pastels, shoot for earthy tones. These colors are like a match made in heaven with the Florida beach background. When you're dressed in these sunset shades, it inspires us to capture moments that mesh perfectly with the SWFL beachy scene. Not everyone needs to be in a color, we love neutrals as well, but the use of color is so important! (Scroll to the bottom for outfit visuals via our Pinterest Board).

What Not to Rock:

To keep your photos looking beautiful and distraction-free, we say no thanks to neon colors, black, and teeny tiny prints like polka dots or pinstripes. In place of black consider navy blue or chocolate brown. Neons can steal the spotlight from the natural beauty of the Florida beaches, and tiny prints can create an effect called moire: the camera produces a strange-looking wavy pattern that is very distracting- and we don't want that!

For the Littlest Ones:

If you've got a tiny tot under one year, we recommend outfits that fit snugly near their face. And, keep those collared shirts away for babies – they tend to wriggle around and never stay put during the shoot and gives baby a non-flattering 'no-neck' look. Flowy moments for the babes fit best on their lower half.

Plan it Out:

We want you to feel totally at ease and confident during your shoot, and on your visit to Southwest Florida so plan your outfits ahead of time. Lay 'em all out together and snap a pic. Check it out over a few days to make sure everything looks on point. Be sure those clothes fit well and represent your family's style. Oh, and speaking of fit, go for sizes that fit just right for the kids – we parents tend to purchase up a size for our kids, but we're going for that flattering perfectly fitted look!

Test Run:

Before showtime, have everyone try on their outfits and snap a few pics to see how they look. It's like a mini pre-shoot that will help you make any last-minute tweaks. Plus, it's a confidence booster! Seeing the clothing on the body and in a photo makes all the difference. Plus, I would like to think that putting pn beachwear when you live in a colder location might give ya a nice little mood boost!

Let's Get Inspired:

WE LOVE TO COLLAB! We've put together a Pinterest page full of ideas and inspo to help you plan your Florida Beach session. Some color palettes and some real families! Check it out and get those creative juices flowing:



FALL - yes, we also love Fall Photos even in Florida!


Your outfits can totally kick your Pink Sea Photography session up a notch. With sunset-inspired colors and a skip on distracting patterns, you'll have killer photos to remember forever. We can't wait to capture your special moments, and we're here to make sure you're looking and feeling your best. If you've got questions or need help, feel free to reach out. We can't wait to rock this photoshoot with you! We happily travel to the following SWFL areas: Marco Island, Naples, Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Springs, Estero, Cape Coral, Siesta Key, Venice Beach, Sarasota Beach & more! Message us to find out if we can come to your location.