Looking for a Florida Beach Photographer? Look no further! Pink Sea Photography specializes in sunset beach photos.

FIVE reasons life really is better at the beach

At Pink Sea Photography we are always at the beaches for professional photos here in Florida with families enjoying their vacation, and you won’t hear this photographer complaining about it! 


sunshine (duh we knew that one) 


the wide openness of the beach provides a sense of safety and security, your inner caveman is at peace 


the color blue is soothing and calming 


the most pleasurable sounds have a predictive wave pattern (hello waves!) Ocean sounds decrease our cortisol -aka- stress levels 


negative ions in the salty ocean air calm your brain and have an anti-depressant effect

Meet me at the beach!

We shoot at Fort Myers Beach, Naples Beach, Cape Coral Yacht Club Beach, Estero, Bonita Springs, Marco Island and more!

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